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Dr. Steven Fonso
How to radiate attractiveness in a soulful way.
Published Monday, February 17, 2020 by Dr. Steven Fonso


How to radiate attractiveness in a soulful way.

Does your spark feel like it’s fizzled out? Do you feel like your life could use a bit of pizazz?

Let’s try something. Think of your favourite celebrities or role models. Close your eyes and picture them clearly in your mind. What is it about them that stands out to you? Their hair? Their smile? Their figure? Their confidence?

Now let’s break down that wall. We’re all human and, famous or not, we all have parts that we think are attractive and parts that we think are not so attractive.

You and I, and your favourite celebs, are pre-programmed to want to flaunt the traits that we’re most proud of and hide the ones we’re more ashamed of.

Yes, it’s easy to ‘mentally’ say we love ourselves but when you stand in front of the mirror, what is it you’re really saying? Can you truly look at all the different parts of yourself and say you love them equally?

What if I told you that you can enhance your attractiveness, emanate more energy and unleash your vitality by simply modifying the views you have about yourself?

If you’re wanting to boost your confidence, increase your intimacy and acquire a genuine acceptance of who you are then this webinar is for you!

Discover a radical transformation! Evolve your current views and turn them into unconditional love and appreciation.


See you there!

Dr. Steve, D.C
“More families, more well, more often.”

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