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Dr. Steven Fonso
Inspiration vs Motivation
Published Thursday, July 25, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Motivation is from the outside. Inspiration is from the inside.

Why is this important to know? Why is this important to you living your best life?

Because with motivation, when you ‘have to’, ‘got to’, ‘supposed to’, ‘ought to’ do something, and especially when you use that language, you are expecting yourself to do something that is outside of your values.

Outside of your natural style.

With motivation, life’s a grind, a push, a forcing, an effort, and utilizes more energy.

With inspiration, when you would ‘love to’, ‘choose to’, ‘must’, do something, you begin to elevate your consciousness to an inspired state that draws energy naturally from within because it is high on your values.

With inspiration, life is more full with energy, your body just naturally moves, much less forcing and resistance, and you are connecting more with your core nature.

Motivation requires an outside force to get you to do something that is low on your values. (think the raw raw coach) and generally is unsustainable.

Inspiration is from an inside force of inherent high value. Your internal energy LIFTS you up. (think of a ‘calling’) and generally is sustainable.

I spoke about the consciousness of our words that you might find beneficial. Just click here and it will take you to soundcloud.

When I was writing this, I sat down and said, “okay, I NEED to write this to stay in touch with my people.” So I hammered away at my keyboard with 5 different topics erasing them all before this one. In that moment I was injecting the values of other people that told me I need to send something out to my email list at least once a week. That level of work for me produces crappy results.

When I refocused on my highest values, of service, contribution, and asked, “what would I LOVE to share with this group?”, I instantly began to write about what I was experiencing because I knew for many people we tend to inject the values of other people in our lives, and often living other people’s expectations, not what is highest priority in our life.

So, watch your words…they tell a lot about your consciousness.

And if you are stumbling on taking action with something, be aware that it may not be inspired and may be an injected value of someone else. Sometimes just a little verbal rearranging as I did, can help immensely.

Have a great week!

Dr. Steve

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