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Learn A New Wellness Word....
Published Thursday, August 22, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso



Learn a new wellness word….

Don’t know if you have heard of it yet, but a new emerging word has entered the scene.

It was a word introduced in the 70’s that is making some waves.

It is called Salutogenesis.

Salutogenesis is an approach to health focusing on factors that promote health and wellbeing, rather than on factors that cause disease.

A medical sociologist coined the term, in fact in you want to read more about it i’ve included a link salutogenesis on wikipedia

Nonetheless, adjustments with the spine are salutogenic in nature.

They promote movement, flow, and alignment to one’s wellbeing.

So is eating well, hanging with people you love, doing inspiring activities, hiking,…

the stuff that adds health and wellbeing.


What we find is the people that place the emphasis and focus of their lives more on salutogenic activities, the better health and quality of life they have.

Those people that are reactive and try to fix themselves and find the cause of their problem, often squander their time, money and quality of life.

BECAUSE assuming you can find a single cause for a single problem, is at best, presumptuous. It’s basically DAMN difficult.

We are here to provide you with Salutogenic Solutions to enhance your wellbeing FROM WHEREVER you are starting from.

You can be down in the dumps, depressed, anxious, or you can be stiff and rigid, or you can feel frumpy and out of shape….

AND add salutogenic strategies that we have that make a massive impact on your health and life.

We just had a woman who went off her diabetes medication and got kicked out of the diabetic clinic because with our salutogenic processes, her body re-regulated her blood sugar.

We weren’t focused on what was causing her high blood sugar. We were having her focus on solutions to aiding her body to regulate itself. THAT’s a huge difference. It’s salutogenic.

Salute to salutogenic.

Dr. Steve

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