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Dr. Steven Fonso
On letting go: Lessons from a forestry student.
Published Thursday, October 17, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


On letting go: Lessons from a forestry student.

So we were sitting at the Norwester restaurant on the patio looking at the beautiful fall colours emerging along the mountains.

We had this quirky server who, by no means was short on conversation, gave us a “Forestry 101” lesson for myself and the kids.

He said, “you know, the trees need to know they have enough energy to survive the winter, and only then will they let the leaves go.”


When WE have enough energy available, we let things go.


When WE have enough energy available, we let things go.

In that energetic and biological capacity, we are no different than trees.

Think about it, when we are extremely polarized, pissed, irritated AND we have BOUND our energy inside of us, we DON’T let things go and can’t even consider the idea of letting something go…

…some jackass comes along and says, ‘relax, let it go..” and you want to punch him…

In that moment we don’t have access to enough energy. We can’t let it go.

And then as we discover more about people or situations and are able to have a more flexible viewpoint, deeper breath, less polarized and irritated, and ultimately more “energy available” we move closer to letting things go.

When we see perfect order, complete understanding, feel love and appreciation, the most robust of human energy capacity, we LET GO.

Just like the trees, when we have enough energy available, AND NO SOONER, we can let things go.

Think of the leaves on the trees as all the situations present and past, people, accidents, stresses and traumas in our lives.

All those ‘leaves’ that hang out on our branches represent for us, life events that we have yet to let go of…sitting there waiting for us to have just enough energy that we can let them go.

This is what “finding magic in the mess” is all about.

Accessing enough energy, though love, value and appreciation, to be able to let more things go more often.

Keeping a better harmony in the body and grace and clarity of the mind–direct results of letting go more often….

But first….we must access more energy;

Access to available energy, like the tree, preceeds letting go.

Here are a couple of quick tips to add more energy:

1) if we see someone struggling, intentionally ask God, the universe, the energetic field, to bring them more energy. Breathe with your intention, hold them in your minds eye. “please bring them more energy so they can see the truth or so they can feel the love”

2) if you are struggling, breathe from within and draw more energy up your body, or even throw your hands in the air, and ask the divine to bring more energy for you to figure something out.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Build more energy, so your previous energy becomes obsolete.- Dr. Steve

Keep being and doing your best,

Dr. Steve

P.S. Stay tuned with our upcoming programs as ALL of them are designed to have you be able to access more energy, more often, for more letting go, for a clearer, healthier life.

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