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Dr. Steven Fonso
Pushed To The Edge
Published Thursday, August 15, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Sometimes, sometimes, we need to be pushed to the edge.

It can be a place where true magic happens.

The edge is a place where you are able to get real, remove obstacles, shove aside previous beliefs, release ideas that you play with when you were comfortable.

The edge says, “whatever you thought and did while you were comfortable, is no longer tolerated.”

Have you reached those points?

Are you currently at a breaking point?

If you aren’t, you may want to consider getting to your edge. You are most likely too damn comfortable.

If you are, then welcome to the edge.

What do we do while we are teetering on instability, uncertainty, and chaos?

1) Laugh– Being at the edge often gets super serious, so lighten up and laugh yourself through it. Seriousness lowers your immune system, laugher builds it.

2) Organize– Get yourself mentally organized so you can see all the moving pieces. Make a map or a big board so you know what’s going on. Part of feeling frazzled is a call for greater refinement of your time and effort.

3) Prioritize– The edge has you refine your behaviour to the top of the top most authentic priorities. Do only the ones that energize you most.

The amount of energy you can continuously hold while living on the edge will predict whether you love it or hate it.

If you drop your energy…you will hate living on the edge. It will be overwhelmingly scary and you will want to hide.

If you expand your energy…you will love living on the edge. It will be filled with opportunity and excitement

Go big or go home this week,

Dr. Steve

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