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Dr. Steven Fonso
Relaionship Fix
Published Thursday, October 10, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Relationship Fix.

My wife and I were eating breakfast at a restaurant and ran into
a couple that were well into their 70’s.

They seemed to still have a gleam in their eyes, holding hands, and just sitting back, energized and enjoying each others company.

We found out in talking with them that they had 5 kids, one was a professor and the other was a workshop leader.

We couldn’t help but ask them, “what’s your secret to staying so connected?”

They looked at each other and began to tell us about how, RELIGIOUSLY, they went away together every 8 weeks.

No matter how busy they were, or how many activities the kids were in, they made time for each other and stayed connected.

Now you don’t need to have kids to see value in this.

The clear secret here, is that they prioritized their relationship, and made time for each other no matter what.

And isn’t that just a great model to follow. Minimum every 8 weeks. No compromise.

Hope you have an awesome week, and keep lighting up your life.

Dr. Steve

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