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Dr. Steven Fonso
Stop Trying to be Better...
Published Thursday, August 8, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Stop trying to better yourself. What if you didn’t need to improve yourself?

I mean, DO NOTHING to attempt to get better.

What if the only thing you needed to focus on, was to appreciate who you are and what you have?

This may sound over-simplistic, but according to neurophysiology (brain/body) science, you begin using different faculties in the brain.

And as you do this, your perception of yourself and reality starts to change.

So by not changing and focusing on VALUING yourself and your life, and by doing that over and over, you simultaneously improve yourself.

It’s a paradox. I’m going to double down on appreciating exactly who I am and what I have, without trying to change myself or anything around me, and at the same time, the level of function, energy and action is improved by doing so.

Now that you know the game, the most difficult part is to give gratitude without the need for a return…although there will be a return….

So often people will expect life to get easier by doing this…to get “less” challenges in life…that’s not how it works.

The practice of appreciating who and what is doesn’t change, but the context in which you see your reality does.

You are constantly attracting events and people in, it’s just how you view things, and the context you give life will change.

AND that is a very big deal.

Even if all the same stresses were going on, you would see and respond to them differently,

AND that is a very big deal.

And the irony is that the stresses don’t stay the same, although you are detaching from them having to change..

It’s one big MIND F*#!

But I’m hoping you follow along….

Here’s the summary.

1) Don’t try to be better, just appreciate who you are and what you have.

2) As you appreciate, the energy in your brain/body begin to become more alive.

3) As your energy becomes more alive, the context for your life starts to change.

4) As your context for life changes, you free your reality to start to change…..because you are more free.

5) Because you are more free, you are less attached to how people or things need to be.

6) This increasing level of inner freedom enriches your experience of life without trying to make anything better.

Go ahead, don’t try to improve..just be grateful over and over.

And let the chips fall where they may.

Dr. Steve

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