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Dr. Steven Fonso
Stop Trying To Fix Yourself
Published Thursday, December 12, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Stop trying to fix yourself.

Assuming you need to be fixed stems from a questionable thought process that something is wrong with you in the first place.

If you baked a pie, and it didn’t come out the way you wanted, you would question, adjust the ingredients, bake again and taste.

You would keep doing this over and over until the taste was to your liking.

And even if you got there once, it doesn’t guarantee that the next time will be perfect.

Next time you might leave it in a little longer by accident, you might put an extra dash of salt where you didn’t previous.

The ingredients themselves could be a different brand, or even made a little different.

There are many factors that go into making something.

So there is nothing really to fix, there is just a continual dance to see how good you can make it.

Well, you’re no different. You are a pie in the making over and over.

There is nothing to fix, only to refine, change, shift, refine again, taste, do over, totally redo, change again, and so on.

The very notion that something is wrong with you, like the pie, is questionable.

Something is “off” might be more accurate.

And if something is off, then there just needs to be a redirection.

But even the off insinuates its’ not supposed to be off.

So then what if, you are supposed to be “off” when you are off and “on” when you are “on”?

Like the pie, what if it’s supposed to be burnt because of the way it was put together. Does that make it wrong or just burnt?

If it’s burnt, you just get feedback to let you know you need adjusting.

If you’re ‘off’ then it’s feedback to let you know you need adjusting.

That, my dear friends, allows us to accept who we are in the moment to moment changes that our body minds brings to us.

A burnt pie is just a burnt pie.

A sad kid is just a sad kid.

An angry outburst is just an angry outburst.

All designed to give us feedback to make the most divine pie, or person, possible.

All the best,

Dr. Steve

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