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Dr. Steven Fonso
What to do when life seems a little chaotic.
Published Thursday, October 3, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


What to do when life seems a little chaotic.


When life seems a little chaotic, when we tend to hyper focus on our situation and how things may not perceivably be working in our favour, one thing that can temporarily relieve the pressure is helping out a fellow human being.

Focusing on someone other than ourselves for a moment allows our energy to shift, for us to open up a little more, and expand our sense of ‘self’.

Here’s some simple things to do when life feels chaotic or out of control.

– Opening a door for someone

– Bake someone cookies

– Complimenting someone on how they look, an action they are doing,

– Putting your hand on someone’s shoulder

– Smiling at someone

– Offering someone assistance at a grocery store (just offering, not that they need it)

– Telling someone you are proud of them

– Reinforcing to someone that they are doing their best

and many other things I’m sure you can think of.

So it’s not rocket science. It just takes that little extra energy to take the focus off of our mishaps, momentarily suspend them, then transfer that energy on to someone else.

Hang in there if times are rough, and enjoy the joy of lighting up another.

Dr. Steve

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