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Dr. Steven Fonso
Who am I going to be today?
Published Thursday, October 24, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Who am I going to be today?

So often our minds are deciding between this or that, here or there, far or near, and we skip over the felt sense of real progress.

We have a list of things we do, but are not fulfilled.

We have a time frame on our goals, but realize in the end, they aren’t that important.

We fool ourselves.

We fool ourselves into thinking that ‘doing’ comes before ‘being’.

We forget that when we make a shift in our being, something is different in us.

The doing reinforces our level of being.

So when the doing becomes redundant, uninspiring, unfulfilling, it’s time to shift our being.

This is where we stop, and I mean stop, what you are doing.

Ask a better question.

Instead of what am I doing today, what if you asked, “who am I going to be today?”

What if you started your day deciding who to be…and that led the doing.

You know you will always have stuff to do. You know you can always keep yourself busy.

But the being…the person behind the doing…that’s where it gets interesting.

This week, instead of going on autopilot into doing mode, what if you first asked yourself,

“Who am I going to be today?”

Best foot forward, and have a great week,

Dr. Steve

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