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Dr. Steven Fonso
You're Not For Everyone
Published Thursday, September 5, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso

Not for everyone

You’re not for everyone……. and neither am I.

You know, we can get really hung up with wanting to be liked. (not licked for those in-the-gutter minds)

In fact, just before writing this, I was debating whether to publish this blog, as I didn’t want to “bother” or “be too much” for you. Essentially, I wanted to maintain a level of ‘like-ability’, and feared being judged…in that moment…where I was focusing on the comfort and benefits of withholding.

Then, I decided to focus on something else.

I decided to focus on the people that were interested in what I may have to say, or even read what I wrote. I shifted my focus from who might be irritated by me, to who might derive some value and actually read this.

Ever do this?

…Withhold a hug, a sweet compliment, a heart felt gesture,…


It takes more energy to put your ‘image’ on the line with the potential
that someone won’t like you, or something you say may ‘rock the boat’, or even that you and your ideas or actions might be rejected.

Bottom line is, what is the focus?

Comfort,… to be liked, or…just say it because that is what is needed to be said, and releasing the attachment of the backlash.

Good luck this week with being your authentic,

Dr. Steve

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