Peace of Mind

"It isn’t bliss exactly, but to be able to take a break from anxiety in any way IS blissful! I just sat with a feeling of peace." - Mary L.

From the Desk of Dr. Steven Fonso

For over 2 decades now, I’ve had the privilege to work with over 140,000 sessions with people from all walks of life.

From chronic stress and anxiety, physical and emotional pain and trauma, depression, family relationships you name it. When you are in the healing arena long enough, you see a lot and work with a ton, and I have to say, I’ve seen some incredibly frustrating and stubborn cases, but I’ve witnessed healing and transformation that's blown my mind.

There is not one ounce of me that questions whether change is possible. I might question whether I’m the right person, but I don’t question if change is possible. The right time, the right place, the right questions, the right strategies, and a willing participant, and BAM, things can change. 

According to the CDC, 75% of all doctors visits are stress related, 90% of all primary care doctor visits are stress related, and emotional stress is a leading contributor to the 6 major causes of death. Emotional distress is a heavy burden on the quality of life for the individual, family, and society as a whole. 

Coincidentally, the most prevalent time of life to experience emotional stress such as anxiety, depression and life confusion, is the same time that Harvard research has shown an inherent call to deepen our relationship with ourselves. The call, they estimate begins at age 36 and from that point, the peeling away and waking up of oneself ensues. 

There is a convergence between anxiety, depression and confusion of yourself and life, and the urgent call for introspection to sort out who you really are, and redefining your role in the world. 

Big Rocks

If I asked you if I could place 10 one ton rocks in your front yard, what do you think you would say? How do you think you would react? How do you think you'd respond?

"My god, Steve, why would you put a bunch of useless rocks in my front yard? It's going to make an absolute mess of my home."

You would be confused you wouldn't understand why, you would just look at those rocks and every time that you drove into your driveway or you came home all you could do is stare at these obnoxious rocks.

I want you to picture that for a moment. Those useless rocks sitting in your front yard. Now what if I did that and I forced those rocks onto you and you didn't understand why I even put those rocks there in the first place. Do you think you'd be resentful or angry or irritated or frustrated with me? Of course you would.

But now imagine if I actually told you that in each of those 10 rocks lies a 1lb diamond.

Now what? What would you think? How would you feel about those rocks? Would you go in with your hammer and chisel and begin to mine those rocks right away to see if you can break through and see the diamond in those rocks and discover their value and resource to you? Do you think that potentially your emotional state might change around those rocks and that it'll go from dread and resentment towards something like now you really appreciate these rocks and their amazing potential?

That's how quick something can switch inside of you when you really truly understand something.

When you attend an Illumination Experience, you're handed "the hammer and chisel" needed to mine through all the useless rocks that have taken up space in your life for months and years to find the diamonds hiding in their core.

The Problem

The core of your stress is the disconnected relationship you have developed with parts of yourself over time, and it's completely not your fault. We’ve been told who to be up until our mid 30s. Parents, teachers, bosses, and our community gives us the rules of who we are and how we are to function. Except at some point, for most, it no longer is good enough to stay blind and ignorant of our core nature. 

Imagine for a moment that each part of you, are like those big old rocks sitting on your lawn-They’ve been with you your whole life and you have no clue about them or their value- you just know they are heavy, burdensome, and they create inner conflict and drama and pain...SO MUCH PAIN and DRAMA 

Some parts of you, you love and admire. They are the ones you are more than willing to express. The kind, the generous, the beautiful, the easy going. And some parts of you, you can’t stand; you detest; you seem to try to avoid them at all costs, and you can even say, that maybe, just maybe, you hate some parts. 

In my clinical experience, what creates the most EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and disturbs the mental health of my clients are 10 big rocks (inner judgements) that they have not mined properly, and keep them stuck at a developmental plateau.

Do you have any of these 10 Rocks

  1. worried and anxious thoughts, 
  2. negative thoughts
  3. procrastination or laziness
  4. relationship with you being selfish or selfless
  5. walking on eggshells (scared to offend or challenge others)
  6. being a people pleaser (making sure their needs are met before yours)
  7. commitment issues (taking charge of what you know is in your best interest)
  8. inability to stand up for yourself and speak honestly
  9. guilts - the stuff of life you feel bad about doing and experiencing 
  10. angers and resentments (which is not making proper sense of the past, and you wish didn't happen)

The amount of pain that these rocks have caused my clients over the years is astounding; incredibly life altering, energy sucking, body tensing, and internally frustrating..

The Solution

So the solution is to actually look and spend the time to mine through these rocks (judgements) of yours, where you will find the diamond, their value to you in your life, and when you do this properly, methodically, and specifically, your confidence, self worth, resilience, your capacity to handle life, explodes.


Every single rock, every single part of you that is judged as bad, not good and want to get rid of it, is a rock ready to be mined so you can find and see once and for all, its diamond and its value-... your value. When you find the diamond, you liberate the energy, release the physical and psychological tension, and you grow to a new level, because you now have dropped the judgements and opened your heart.

Of course there are more parts, maybe even different ones you struggle with, but the essence remains the same. These are rocks, that we judge as bad and wrong and that we want gone, and instead of attempting to get rid of them, they need to be mined for their value and worth, you need to discover the diamond. 

Illumination Experience

So I’m asking you to say goodbye to anxieties, worries, and limiting beliefs, and say hello to a completely new way of thinking about yourself that will provide you with more freedom, energy, peace of mind, appreciation, presence and joy.


Your capacity to deeply understand yourself, your stresses and to accelerate the process of letting go of "internal baggage" is about to go on a hyperdrive. 

Listen, once you come up to your 40‘s, 50‘s, and 60‘s you begin to have a different relationship with time. You begin to not want to waste it. You sense its fragility. You know time is finite. You want to maximize your time on the planet to your fullest. Let’s stop wasting time, let’s grow our impact, let’s heighten our quality of life and vitality, and once and for all, break the repeating patterns that keep us stuck. 


If you sign up for this LIVE course, you are going to have to go through more mind expanding work than you ever have, you will need to surrender to everything you thought you knew about yourself, and you’re going to often be frustrated, kicking and screaming that it’s hard work, but, guess what,’re going to make more progress in this course than you ever have in your life. 

Sign up below, and I’ll see you in the course. 


"I walked in with this [negative] emotion and didn’t know if anything could be resolved. However, after leaving, I realized this was exactly what I needed to move on in my healthy, healing journey."

- Pamela P.

"My heart literally feels unburdened. I don’t know the mechanism exactly, but the process you walked me through has just seemed to open a door to something even better than bliss… a limitless possibility, assurance, an invitation - a depth of feeling and knowing that just envelopes - a love that feels boundless. And an understanding that all the calamities encountered have led to this…

and I am grateful."

- Mary L.

"What you're doing for me is enhancing my ability to have an amazing life. I've already recommended you to a couple of my friends and will continue to; because I believe what you're doing is life changing in the most positive way."

- Trevor H.

What to Expect

  • Illumination Experience will be held online via Zoom
  • It is a day and half long program. The days and times are Friday 7PM-10PM and Saturday 9AM-5PM
  • You will be given a 1 hour lunch break from 12:30-1:30
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Access to Illumination Experience Prep - an hour and a half long video series that will prep you for the concepts being taught at Illumination Experience
  • Access to Breathe with Dr. Steve - a 12 week breathwork class held on Zoom once a week
  • Some good o'l fashion elbow grease
  • A mind-blowing transformation leaving you with more freedom, more appreciation, more presence, more joy, and ultimately, more energy

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