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Dr. Steven Fonso

Dr. Steve's approach brings more awareness to body/mind, helping to calm the nervous system allowing for inner trust and resilience toward living and dealing with life.

Paula Ribotto, Owner, Yoga4all

Dr. Steve is amazing. He has led me through important insights and breakthroughs to make positive, lasting changes in my life and health. I regularly recommend friends and clients to see him.

Erin May, Owner, The Bodymind Centre

At first skeptical, the more I was treated the more I felt better alignment, release of tension throughout my body, better connection to my breath, less stress and anxiety, and better ability to deal with the existing stressors and anxieties in my day to day life. The atmosphere at Veressent Life is very relaxing, open and awakening.

Dr. Mario Nucci, M.D

Throughout my care at Veressent Life I have become more in touch with my body, posture, breathing and mood. I am able to work through daily stressors more efficiently. I am more aware of how I respond to situations (mentally and physically). Others should experience Network Care for themselves.

C.D, Nurse Practitioner

I think everyone should receive Network Care as part of their health and wellness plan. It gives you more awareness of your breath and empowers you to take charge of your own life, your own health and feel more connected to yourself and the community; everyone deserves to feel great.

Dr. David Greenwood, Professor

FREE Guide: 7-Steps to Harnessing Resilience.

No matter how stressful or chaotic your life may be — I can help you take back the reins within yourself and your family. In this short guide, you will learn the of art resilience.