The Somatic Health Experience

We invite you to come on an inspiring mission with us to support your physical, emotional and mental well-being through the art and science of letting go.

Are you ready to relax, experience a new level of peace, and feel balanced? 

Are you ready to build power, energy, and inner focus?

How about feeling expansive, abundant and even more unstoppable?

Health is more about energy and balance than it is about ‘doing the right thing’.

For thousands of years, awareness of the body, breath and its relationship to your neurological well-being has been appreciated and practiced to enhance the human experience. Working in the body and breath to clear tension, release stored and stuck energy, and balance the autonomic nervous system (fight/flight- rest/relax), somatic breath-work practices have been at the forefront to achieve these outcomes. 

Breath with Dr.Steve - The Somatic Health Experience builds on what has been taught throughout the ages, as it not only honours the necessity of safety, peace and ease, it also appreciates that within the human nervous system and brain lies the capacity to adventure, expand, and liberate oneself toward a more focused, present, and abundant state of being. 

Feeling more connected, improved posture and more powerful with greater energy equals improved health

Whether you need stress relief, you are working through a condition, using this as a supportive tool while you wait for a diagnosis, looking to accelerate your health and healing naturally, or augment existing practices such as nutrition, fitness, and meditation, Breathe with Dr. Steve will give you an ultimate bodymind experience through breath, movement, rhythms, sounds, voice, and understanding. It’s an educational and experiential tool to delve deeper into yourself, balance, heal and energize. 

Dr. Steve, a 20 year veteran in holistic health, will lead a unique, professionally designed process to balance the brain and nervous system, and guide your bodymind to greater levels of health and healing potential. Come and feel what’s available within you. 

The classes build from beginner to advanced throughout the hour, so that you master fundamentals while trying your bodymind and stretching just beyond the comfort zone. Stop and rest when you need to. 

And to us, the even most amazing part...
Throughout our years of service in the health field, we have heard so many times, ‘we need more mental health services’... ‘we need better access’... ‘wait times are too long’... ‘professional help is too expensive’..

When you purchase a program, you instantly purchase a program as a complimentary gift for someone in need, maybe someone you know who can benefit, someone who can’t afford it, or someone who is on a waiting list and needs assistance now.

A community needs somewhere to go, to ensure they have the opportunity to be guided in their healing, and that is exactly what we are providing at Breathe with Dr. Steve- The Somatic Health Experience; weekly, consistent, professionally designed experience to balance the body and invigorate the mind.

Thank you for your dedication to furthering yourself and the community. 

Incredibly, a low, one time investment of 195 gives you access to 12 months of weekly classes, replays each week, as well as monthly specialty classes on new topics. (this works out to 4.00/class and even if you can only attend once per month, it’s still only 16/class)

This is the perfect way to accelerate your health and healing, and that of someone else in need

Let’s get started today.

What to Expect:

  • Magnify your learning of yourself and your relationship with your body
  • Learn to find and release tension in the "nooks and crannies"
  • Accelerate the feeling of peace, inner rest, and freedom
  • Liberate and work through anxieties from the body
  • LIVE class with Dr. Steve on Wednesdays at 7:00PM EST!
  • Recordings available for 7 days post LIVE class

Wanting to join every week? Choose an All Access pricing option: