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Dr. Steven Fonso
3 Ways for Better Commitment.
Published Thursday, February 6, 2020 by Dr. Steven Fonso

3 Ways

3 ways for better commitment.

A few weeks ago I wrote about radical devotion; the full dive into your life.

Now that we are at the beginning of February, it’s more important and becomes even more relevant.

We begin to see, and our actions reveal, what’s most effortless to accomplish, and where we are falling short or have much more resistance.

Natural Devotion versus Forced Devotion

What are you consistently and persistently taking action on?

Your actions speak louder than words at this point.

And your actions are a clear indication what’s on your highest values list, and what you naturally, naturally, naturally, are most radically devoted to.

And what you are naturally devoted to is on your highest values list. Its what you naturally move toward, engage with, are self-governed on- no one needs to tell me to write or do my yoga and breathwork.

And you also notice where there is a drag of energy, a resistance, a lack of follow through on.

You may have some fantasies that just seem a mile away or just around the corner, yet you just can’t quite seem to nail yourself down to get them done.

You are beginning the process of: FORCED DEVOTION…


So right now is WHERE YOU STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP and figure out how to make the breakthrough….

Not following through, or being able to discipline yourself

would indicate it’s lower on your values AND you can do something about it.

Keep in mind, COMMITMENT is an ‘AMOUNT OF ENERGY‘ issue.

In fact, to get the commitment you want, to move from forced devotion to natural devotion,

IS TO add MORE ENERGY to it, as your low value energy isn’t enough to make a sustainable COMMITMENT.

So how do we add more energy? 3 Ways (and it’s not continuing to say you are going to do it)

1) Align it with your highest values- write a short list on how fulfilling the lower activity helps the higher (i.e. if I go for lift weights it helps me to think clearer when I write or gives me a stronger body to sit in a writing posture for a couple of hours)

2) Bring in others- the art of humility says that for those things that are important yet you don’t self-govern well on, consider to bring in another person into your life who’s value it is high. This is what friends, coaches, trainers, teachers, helpers are for. They can hold you accountable for the things that are lower until you develop a skill and habit that has been engrained as a new effortless practice.

3) Appreciate yourself for your highest values and remember how devoted you are to that which is truly most important in your life.

These three ways add energy to a system..to you…

so that you can potentially move an important, yet low value area, from FORCED DEVOTION TO NATURAL DEVOTION.

Good luck, you got this,

Dr. Steve

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