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Dr. Steven Fonso
From Stressings to Blessings
Published Friday, November 8, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


From stressings to blessings.

Letting go has been quite the topic lately…wanted to share a few thoughts…

If you can imagine swinging on the trapeze where your current life resides. The struggles, the thoughts, the problems, the challenges, the people…..

Then, something has you let go.

You suspend in mid air waiting to grab hold of the bar in front of you.

But before you grab hold of the next thought, action or task…you experience emptiness.

The space between the bars is called the 8th Stage of Healing: Emptiness.

Often times when we are letting go of something in life, it is followed by this particular stillness.

The stillness of gratitude, appreciation, and..nothingness. Its what the spiritualists teach…

There really isn’t any words, things to talk about, stuff to do, just a space of BEING.

The 8th stage of Healing provides your bodymind the space to experience your true essence, your true nature, pure consciousness-PURE MOMENT OF FREEDOM

Why am I telling you about the 8th stage of healing?

First, because its delicious to experience.

Second, because if you are working to let something go, I want you to know of how to gauge if you’ve actually accomplished it.

A lot of people I have come across tell me frequently they have let problems go, they’ve let negative people go…and yet, they still experience the resentment, irritation or frustration of the situation or person.

So I wanted to give you the inside scoop, that if you are letting go…on the other side of this, is true grace, gratitude and appreciation.

Hold that as your standard to know if you’ve REALLY released the stress.

Dr. Steve

P.S. An old saying is “if you can’t be grateful for it, it’s baggage.”

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