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Dr. Steven Fonso
Fully Expressed
Published Thursday, December 5, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Fully expressed.

I heard this term years ago, and it’s peaked my interest once again.

What does it mean to be fully expressed?

Is there an end point? Is there a point B?

It would seem that there is this growing, morphing, evolving process of unweaving and reweaving new selves together over a lifetime.

Multiple personas or characters that show up at all different timelines throughout our lifetime.


it seems as though most human beings have a continuing desire to express more of themselves.

More of their true self.

Maybe its more honesty, more clarity, more fulfillment and not from the ‘egoic’ perspective of ‘I want more’, but a natural yearning just to be more fully expressed.

That’s it…a yearning more than a ‘chasing’. We aren’t chasing necessarily, but in the realm of the fully expressed, it’s more of a calling toward, expressing toward, an inside-out natural expansion.

And you may have a tough time defining what fully expressed means, and I’ll almost guarantee that it’s something that does cross your mind.

Did I give it my all? Am I doing all I can? Am I experiencing all I can? Am I being all that I can?

This isn’t a “3 Ways to get more enlightened” blog.

It’s an observational insight, that maybe just wants to be acknowledged within you.

And that’s what this is for. To hold the space to allow you to be okay with wanting to expand, to wanting to more fully express yourself, and to let you know that I see that in you.

Cheers to being fully expressed,

Dr. Steve

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