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Dr. Steven Fonso
Stop Fighting Yourself
Published Friday, November 15, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Stop fighting yourself.

In Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind meditation, he guides us on how to stop fighting ourselves.

You know that voice that enters in who wants to protect you.

The voice that comes in who wants things to be perfect.

The voice that comes in who wants things to be certain it will all work out.

Anytime you are following your path, anytime you are taking a next unusual or expansive or novel step in life, in comes the voice of one of these characters.

-Don’t think that you are sabotaging yourself.

-Don’t think that the voice isn’t supposed to be there.

-Don’t think that your inner dialogue is supposed to sound different.

It isn’t.

We are designed this way.

How to silence the inner critic? How to stop fighting yourself?

Acknowledge and Accept.

Genpo guides us to sound something like this:

“thank you for sharing and I don’t need protection right now.”

“thank you for sharing and I’m okay with things being imperfect.”

“thank you for sharing and I will embrace the uncertainty right now.”

The voice in the head is an internal check and balance.

The voice in the head is the double checker of your work.

The voice in the head is the one just reminding you of anything you may have forgotten.

So you can stop fighting your inner voice, expecting it to sound different, or having an unrealistic expectation that part of you is not supposed to be there.

The next time that voice enters in, just acknowledge it with a thank you, and tell it what you are going to do instead of its suggestion.

All the best silencing your inner critic. You will stop fighting yourself.

With love,

Dr. Steve

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