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Dr. Steven Fonso
Your Body Is An Expression
Published Thursday, November 21, 2019 by Dr. Steven Fonso


Your body is a tool of expression.

I introduce this concept to people every time I meet them for an initial appointment.

I show them their posture and we evaluate their spinal movement and flow.


Because posture is a reflection of your most commonly expressed emotions.

Anger will drive the neck forward.

Guilt, unworthiness, shame will have the neck forward and tailbone tucked.

Quick to take things personally will have the spine bend sideways.

Difficulty trusting will express itself in the upper neck often as tipping.

Anxiousness often expresses as head rotation slightly right or left.


This is why, addressing the spine IRREGARDLESS of whether you have pain or not, is essential to one’s wellbeing.

Working with the spine is a HEALTHY ACT and just like eating broccoli, you don’t need a problem first to do it.

Can you not eat well even if you don’t have a problem?

Can you not exercise even if you don’t have a problem?

Can you not meditate if you don’t have a problem?

In my 17 years, 120,000 plus office visits, it is clear that adjusting the spine and working with one’s posture is one of the most time effective, cost effective ways of staying healthy and couple that will good nutritional practices and healthy relationships, and you have a recipe for sound health.

See you on the table,

Dr. Steve

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