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Finding Magic in the Mess

A supportive guide for busy parents who want to connect more and stress less.

In our stressed-out culture, too many parents are just coping rather than thriving, juggling demands on their time and energy, and tuning out their inner voices and deeper visions for family life in order to keep their heads above water. There is a better way.

Coaching parents through his holistic health practice, Dr. Steven Fonso has helped thousands of families reconnect with what matters most: slowing down to savor authentic moments of connection and letting go of the noise and stress that all too often get in the way.

In this reflective and heartfelt guide, you''ll find insights and advice for bringing your best self to every parenting challenge, great and small, with greater awareness, authenticity, and grace. Topics include:

  •  recognizing our old patterns--and interrupting them

  •  seeing our kids as teachers, and following their lead to experience more presence and joy

  •  letting go of the need to be perfect--and the expectation that our kids should be, too

  •  reframing challenges as an opportunity to grow--within ourselves and together as a family